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About Alumni

Dr.M.V.V.S.Murthi , President, GITAM who is the driving force behind four decades of the Prestigious and extremely knowledge disseminating GITAM. During the last four decades of our journey as a diverse and dynamic institution Dr.M.V.V.S.Murthi has given significant priority to Alumni.

The GITAM Alumni Association is lead by a coordinator and there are individual coordinators for the respective institutes / departments.

Our Alumni which is spread world wide in various sectors both in technical & management tiers of rapid changing world includes IAS, IIM, CEO, Stanford university etc. in countries like USA, Australia, UK etc.

The Alumni Association is organizing various events frequently in the GITAM such as Alumni Reunion, Seminars, Career Guidance & Job Placements to inculcate the interactions between GITAM and the Alumni.

The main objective of Alumni Association is

  • to act as a bridge between GITAM and Alumni
  • to create GITAM Alumni Hub
  • to act as channel through which the Alumni can guide the students